Wednesday, September 15, 2010

encounter of the first kind by chris

It happened in 1997,i believe. It was summer and very humid.Myself along with friends were having a party near the St. Lawrence River in Montreal and if i remember correctly,it was a Friday night late in July.At around 1:00 pm,a friend and happened to look up at the dark sy at the same time.There appeared to be this hovering object just above us at an altitude of about 300 feet.

This object did not move at first and was circular in structure,with a shiny metallic color to it.There were a few lights all around this object,i do not remember how many but i will say there were more than a dozen.The object had to be at least 50 feet in diameter.For a few seconds,it just stayed there,appearing to watch us(we were about 10 people).Then,when we all noticed it and started pointing at it and someone who had a flashlight pointed it at the object,it shot across the sky quite fast,staying at the same altitude at first for a few seconds before dropping in an instant into the water.The odd thing is,there was no noise.No noise when it hovered,no noise when the lights were flashing,no noise when it moved and no noise when it went below the waterline into the depths.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my grand pa by elaine

I was 8 years old and had already experience dreams that I would later know were visions or messages. I had a dream that my gramma was at a funeral, all dressed in black and very sad. Everyone was close to her, consoling her. I was told the next day that we were going to sudbury when my dad got home from work. My grampa had died, my mom was so distraught that she did not tell me. She did not talk at all except for telling us to behave. We drove to Sudbury and arrived at Grammas very late and I was rushed to bed as soon as I got there. I woke up very early in the morning, when it was still dark out and went to the washroom. On my way back to bed I saw my grampa sitting at the kitchen table with his hand on my grammas hankie that was lying on the table. Normaly I would have rushed over and hugged him, but he put his finger to his mouth with a shushing gesture. I heard him say - go back to sleep, mums gonna need you in the morning. It was dark and I was tired so I did not find it that strange that his mouth did not seem to move. I woke up to the smell of bacon, and went into the kitchen. Gramma was cooking breakfast, Mom was at the table and looked up at me. Before she could say anything I said "Grampa said Mums gonna need me in the morning." My Gramma did not turn around, she just smiled. Mom gave me a long hug. I did not have to be told that Grampa had died. I knew. They knew Grampa was there.

Monday, August 30, 2010

pepper and queeney by elaine

I was about 11 and had been playing with our two dogs Pepper and Queeney. Queeney was an outside dog with a doghouse. She was a large dog accross I think from a Border Collie and a Retriever. Golden with red highlights. But could not stand to stay in the house.
That night like every other night I went to bed, but the dream I had was horrable. I heard a long piercing cry and upon looking out my bedroom window to the backyard I saw Queeney standing outside her doghouse and a ring of fire surrounding her and the doghouse. She was houling and then lay down and looked at me as if in peace.
I woke up and ran down the stairs to the kitchen. My mom and sister were sitting at the table. My sister was crying. I blurted out. Queeney died in my dream.
Later that day My dad Burried Queeney in the back yard.

Two days later I was in the yard with my mom pulling weeds and a cat wandered into the yard. I was calmly walking accross the yard when it all of a sudden arched its back where Queeney used to lye - hissed and ran away.
The next day I felt Queeney was there so I sat on the grass, my hand resting on the grass and said "Queeney, come here Queeney, I felt soft fur rest on my hand and brush against my arm. It was Queeney.

my paranormal story by steff

k i dont know what qualifies as spooky to you but i certainly got the heeby jeebies from the other day.... i was in my washroom just about
halfway to the door when all the lights went out in the room, now i say all the lights b cuz the bathroom is long and mirrored and is lined from end to end with bulbs which all went out... i hate the dark so i bolted for the door and got the hubby to check y the lights went out.... the switch had been turned to off.... big deal right but someone had to physically turn it off... who?
tonight i get home from coffe with the girls and i go to get5 my pj' on and all 3 bulbs in my room burnt out ... 1 @ a time... did i mention i hate the dark lol,
a while back over ten years at least if not more i was in my room (at this time much younger and still living with mom n dad) and i always fall asleep with my tv on ..... i remeber being awake or at least some what co herent because i was listening to the news broadcast.. (its what was boring me to sleep) my back was to the door and the rest of the room and every night my dad would come in and kiss me goodnight before makin his way down the hall, but
this night was different, i heard the door open and i could hear footsteps brush across the carpeted floor, but when i felt the pressure of someone leaning on the matress behind me i got a sick feeling come over me, this wasnt my dad im not sure infact what this is at all, i was so scared i reached behind me with my eyes closed not sure what i was expecting to feel but to my suprise and relief was nothing, still to scared to open my eyes i rolled onto my back and thats when it felt like something was on top of me, pressure on my chest and squeezing around my neck i flailed around in a frenzy and screamed, i shot out of bed and ran to my parents room..... i woke my mom crying soo scared at what had just happened, my dad came up from the living room wondering what all the commotion was, he hadnt gone to bed yet....
i slept in my moms room that night stuck to her like glue... she had a nightlight that she kept on for me but it didnt stay on long... we thought it burnt out like coincidence, twisted irony but much to my dismay it was turned off.... i finally did get to sleep that night and the next morning when recapping the previous night and its haunting events my mother said that a few weeks earlier the same thing had happened to her in the morning, she though that my dad had comr homr from work and snuck into bed with her only to realize no one was there.... we had to have the house blesses a few times after that and since then no violent entities but we do still have a presence here, hes alright though not violent however every once and a while does make himself known..... well that is just one of many stories sorry it was a short novel lol!! i got tons of family stories of hauntings ghosts witches demons ...... maybe we should sit down for coffee one day! talk to ya soon law!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

from karen- not my imagination

I used to drive for a company out of Putnam, Ontario. Well I would have to run up to the Cami plant every night, to pick my trailer. Well I hated taking Hamilton road into Ingersoll , so I would jump on this side road that went in the back way. And every night I would pass this half burnt down house, and every time I would pass this house. I would get this feeling to drive in! Like something was Calling me, But not by my name or anything. I could not here a voice or anything, but it was like i could not stop thinking of this place. So one night I brought my girl with me, I went into work and got the tractor and went to get my trailer, Well on the way to get the trailer we drove by the house, but this night the whole night I could not stop thinking of this place. This was like around 6;30 pm when we started and it was like in Oct. So it was around 3:30 am when I was done. So I droped my empty trailer off in Ingersoll and started back to the shop to drop the truck and get my car. When we passed by the place I decided to pull in. Now I am not a person that scares at all, let alone for something like this LOL I thought! When we pulled in my girl went into hysterical paranoid that she could not explain! And for some reason, I felt the exact same thing! I tried to keep it to myself. So we stated to travel down this dark, yet moon light night. It was like you could not see anything all around accept the house. We got about a 100 feet from the house, and yes the front door opens! I could feel like I needed to go into that house right now! But I have never experienced fear in that level! So with her BEGGING me with every ounce of her to leave. I agreed, when we started to back up. This huge buck walked and stopped right in our path I stopped for a second and thought I am in a transport and Im getting the fuck outta here, even if I have to run him the fuck over! As soon as we got off that prop. We felt re leaved instantly. I don't know exactly what it was, Im not saying ghosts, I am not saying shit! One thing I do know, is That I went back one more time, And It was Just as scary the second time. And with more shit that happen, Ill save it for the next time. I am planning on going back, Just with different people, And I am sure it will be very event full!

Any other of you professional hunters want to join, Just let me know when you want to go check this place out! I would love for some one to tell me its all in my head! Cause I still think about this place Today!

one ghost story by elaine

I had a Bachalor apartment. It was late and I had worked late so I went to bed hoping to sleep in cause the next day was sat. I lived in a secure building, Need pass code to enter. After I fell asleep a loud knock at the door. L shaped apartment. I looked at my door. It was black, so dark. But I saw a face and figure standing on the inside of my doorway in my appartment. The eyes were stairing at me. I yelled go away and threw a lamp. I ran to the light switch and turned on the light. No one was there. I was not dreaming. The next day after a lot of questions to tenents, I was told a woman had died in the appartment last year.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

ghost story 2 by bill

An old Victorian house owned by a friend of my grandmother in Toronto's Portugal Village. Last time I was there was in 1974-75 for her daughter's wedding. A few years after her wedding, she developed breast cancer and passed away at 23. I remember going to the funeral and looking t her body in the casket. Her father died a few years later due to depression and the old lady lived alone after that.

1993 - I decided to move to Toronto and was looking for a place to stay. My mother called the old lady and asked if she had a room for rent. She said she had 4 rooms and was alone so I had a choice of rooms.

I came a few weeks later and chose the attic room on the 4th floor. This had it's own kitchen and was SO nice, except is hadn't been re-done since the mid 1950's, which was cool.

I lived there for a year, not being bothered by any ghosts. After a year, the old lady told me she was going to the hospital for a short stay and told me she would be back in a week.

One week later, I was just getting up and I heard my name being called from the bottom of the stairs. This sounded like the old lady, so I went down to help her as I thought she was home from the hospital. I went down and looked everywhere for her but she wasn't there. I then went back to my room and my phone rang. I answered it and it was the hospital telling me to call the old lady's son. No reason was given. I then called my mother to get the number but she told me she had already got the news about the old lady's death from him, but I never knew. This was 5 hrs AFTER she died that I heard her voice!

A week passed after her funeral. The trustee told me since I was the only one in the house, that I can live here free if I watched over it while the house was being put on the market.

I then called my brother to come stay awhile. He can have a room and chill out. He came, dressed like Poison/Motley Crew, as he was a metal-head. He also brought with him his ghetto blaster and tapes. This was working fine in the car but when he went to the daughter's room, the player would nut run. We checked the outlet and batteries. All were fine. Again we plugged the player in another outlet in another room and all was fine. We then plugged it in again in the same room but it would not play, even though a light was plugged in the same outlet and was on!

This freaked him out and he didn't want to stay after I told him whose room it was and thought she was unhappy for the music he was playing. He left.

A week later my sister came with a friend and chose the same room. They were both in the corner unpacking. I was in my room. I heard a loud bang and screaming. I ran down and saw both girls in the corner crying and holding each other. I asked what happened and they told me one of the 2 doors slammed shut. I looked at the door and it was closed, buckled and had a crack running down the middle. This door was painted white with old-style oil paint as well as the hinges. No one could closed the door fully with a single push . The doors were also heavy. I told the girls, maybe the old lay's daughter didn't want anyone in her room. They decided to leave. I lived alone there for a few more months with no problems.

A few weeks after, a lady came over. She told me she was a friend of the old lady and that there was $$$ hidden in her room in "a small box" and told me to look for it. We would split the $$$ between us. I looked and didn't find anything. Turns out there was $3000 in cash in her underwear drawer!!! The lawyer found it while emptying the dresser! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!